Free Life Podcast: 8th December 2015

In this Free Life Podcast:

  • Donald Trump and Muslim immigration
  • Syria and Terrorism
  • E-Cigs
  • The passing of Nicholas Smith
  • Call Me Dave, page 289

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9 thoughts on “Free Life Podcast: 8th December 2015

  1. Well, now, that’s an odd new twist to the “the state as property manager for the people in this case, even though I’d roll on my ass laughing if that claim was made in any other case, so closed borders” argument. You say that the people who pay the most taxes have the best claim on “public property.”

    So, um, what if those people WANT to let immigrants use said property?

    What if some of those people want to let immigrants use said property and some others don’t? Do they flip a coin for it?

    You claim of calculability regarding all this is risible. As is the claim that it constitutes “libertarian grounds.” Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, no, authoritarianism is not libertarianism. They’re two different things.

    • #youaintnolibertarianbruv

      1. I don’t argue for closed borders.
      2. So, in the absence of consent, we presume consent?
      3. The solution is to decentralise immigration policy to as local a level as possible. Naturally, no state policy will be perfect. But to jump from that to “therefore in a free society there would be no such thing as borders” is incorrect.

      • “So, in the absence of consent, we presume consent?”

        No. In the absence of genuine claim to be managing common property on behalf of others, we presume an argument from such a claim is bullshit.

        “The solution is to decentralise immigration policy to as local a level as possible.”

        No, the solution is to stop pretending that gangland turf lines are genuine property lines, and that the crime lords’ thugs are benevolent property management personnel.

  2. Breathtakingly nonsensical. How do you define a nation except by cultural and ethnic reference? The nations carved out by hegemonic powers don’t work precisely because they are deliberately designed to destroy ethnic and cultural groupings. See also Stalins great terror.

    If LA isn’t arguing to remove borders then it is arguing, by defining, for a whole bunch of collectivist evil that needs to be removed from the human condition.

    Shaking my head in disgust.

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  4. How could I wish to murder someone who can speak so well and at such length on the issues of the day? Nice speaking voice, confident tone, an admirable connectedness of ideas – I am very impressed.

  5. This is precisely what a libertarian podcast should be – a neat half hour of commentary on current affairs. Your musings on Englishness during the Nicholas Smith section were particularly enjoyable to listen to. I would certainly encourage you to produce more podcasts like this, when you have the time!

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