2016 and the future: A radical reply to Robert Henderson

First, let me record my appreciation of Robert’s essay “2016 and the future.” While we have very different world views (I’m an individualist, Robert is a nationalist) I often find that we agree, in large part, on conclusions. But that isn’t the case here; so, I feel impelled to respond. Continue reading


2016 and the future – Robert Henderson

What has changed over the past year?
The grip of the Western globalists is slipping.   They do not   realise it yet but their day is  almost done. Their ramshackle ideology,   a toxic blend of open borders politically correct internationalism  and what is crony capitalism but called by  those with a vested interest in it neo-liberal or laissez faire  economics , has wrought as it was certain to do,  rage and increasingly despair amongst  the majority of electors in Western states who are increasingly turning to  politicians that at least have some grasp of what is necessary to preserve  the viability of Western nation states. Continue reading

Killing two political birds with one stone: Resolving the UK’s unfinished devolution and the Irish border questions (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

Brexit provides a wonderful opportunity to deal simultaneously with two major political difficulties. These are the unbalanced devolution arrangements in the UK and what is to be done about the

Relationship between the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and the UK after Brexit. Both problems could be solved by the RoI leaving the EU at the same time as the UK and forming a federation with the UK. Continue reading


Supreme Court Hearing on Brexit: A Personal Record (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

We have had the four days of the Supreme Court hearing which is now over and the judges will not issue their written verdict until the New Year.

It has been four days of extreme tedium, full of highly-paid briefs over-egging the pudding with too many examples to prove a particular point, much irrelevant argument, a huge amount of referring to batch that and manuscript number this with frequent inability of all eleven judges being able to find the relevant document, and shameless toadying by the presenting lawyers with frequent references to cases that one or the other of the Supreme Court judges had presided over. Continue reading


The Archers: an everyday story of feminist folk (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

[Note: I suppose someone has to listen to this stuff put out at the licence payers’ expense, and comment on its awfulness. I’m glad it doesn’t have to be me. SIG]

The Archers is the world’s longest running radio soap opera, having run continuously from 1951 to the present day. It is set in Ambridge, a fictional farming village in the English midlands . In the real world such a place would even these days be very white, very English and decidedly traditional in its ways. For most of the Archers’ existence the fiction generally corresponded with the reality, but two decades or so ago things changed when the producer and scriptwriters of the series decided that the programme should pay homage to the three gods of political correctness: race, gay rights and feminism. Consequently, Ambridge has had visited upon it sundry black and Asian characters, a raft of gays, a female engineer, a female vicar, a white English vicar married to a Hindu and a steady flow of politically correct storylines . Continue reading

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker Resigns As A Home Office Minister

Don’t be fooled: EU enthusiast Teresa May is intent on subverting Brexit (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

In office for less than 48 hours, Teresa May showed her true colours and intentions for Brexit when she made the remarkable promise that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will not be activated until there is agreement between Westminster and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This has the effect of allowing the UK’s departure indefinitely. In a separate statement SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has supported this idea. May has also visited Wales and said she wanted the Welsh government to be “’involved and engaged’ in Brexit negotiations.” Continue reading

Belgium EU Britain

After the EU referendum (Robert Henderson)

After the EU referendum The battle has been won but not the war.
Robert Henderson

The Europhiles threw a great deal at the EU referendum campaign. There was the shameless use of government resources especially those of the Treasury to propagandise for the Remain side. The governor of the Bank of England enthusiastically supported the remain side. EU panjandrums directed dire threats of what the EU would do to Britain.

A gigantic caste of the “great and the good” from finance, trade, industry, the media and politics (drawn from both Britain and abroad ) were daily paraded in front of the public like ancient oracles forecasting unalloyed disaster if Britain voted to leave the EU. Leading Tories in the Remain camp cast aspersions on the character of those supporting Leave – David Cameron even claimed that voting leave was immoral. Accusations of racism were routinely levelled against any leave supporter with a public voice who addressed the subject of immigration and the leave voters were labelled as xenophobes, bigots and racists.

Most contemptibly, when the Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered, Remain supporters, including MPs, attempted by implication or direct accusation to link the killing with the Leave side’s position on immigration. So desperate were the government and Remain politicians generally to ensure a vote to remain that when the government web site which allowed people to register for a vote crashed two hours before the deadline for registering, Parliament did not hesitate to extend the deadline the next day (by 24 hours not two) in the belief that it would mean many more young voters (who generally favoured remaining in the EU) would vote. Continue reading