Ron Olden

The behaviour of the West (including the media), in the persons of various Neo ‘Conservatives’ and liberals, in our dealings with the Middle East since 2001, has been a disgrace. And it shows no sign of abating.

This chaos was entirely caused by the West when it reduced Iraq to anarchy. You cannot remove all civil authority in a country and then abandon it, and especially not, when it is surrounded by pseudo religious murderous suicidal lunatics, and self interested dictatorships of the nature that inhabit the region. Continue reading


Lawyers, Brexit, and the Supreme Court: An Unprofessional Profession (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

Observing the Supreme Court Brexit proceedings confirmed in my mind the minimal skills required to be a ‘lawyer’. The quality of the debate was abysmal and there was little focus on the straightforward actual issue in the case.

There was a definite flavour of what we routinely see in civil court proceedings. There is no proper ‘due process’ whatsoever. There is not and never has been ‘rule of law’ in the UK. We congratulate ourselves on our ‘rule of law’, but that’s just lazy wishful thinking. What we have is rule by judges, which is similar in its fundamental nature to the systems operating in the worst regimes in the world. Continue reading


The Iniquity of the British Trade Union Movement (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

I’m not sure whether it’s correct that Statism is ‘not the only mechanism by which leftist seek to advance their ideology‘. I think it is. They dress it all up as something else but ‘Statism’ is what they mean. The only question lies, in what is and what isn’t, a ‘State. Wherever the Left fail to take control of the National State, they seek to subvert it with one of their own. Thus Arthur Scargill in 1984 deemed it was acceptable to place mobs outside Coke Depots stopping coal and coke moving. He regarded his authority as superior to the law of the UK State. He was challenging the UK State with his own alternative ‘State’ and shock troops. Continue reading


On Dissolving the American Empire (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

The difficulty with America is that it tries to do too much. It’s one thing to become involved in a full scale war like the Second World War when the protagonists are Nation States and a decisive military outcome can be achieved. But it’s quite another thing to attempt to micromanage, by brute force, the internal politics of countries about which you know virtually nothing. Continue reading

America First! When Clinton Talks Environmentalism

By ilana mercer

“We can deploy a half a billion more solar panels. We can have enough clean energy to power every home. We can build a new modern electric grid. That’s a lot of jobs; that’s a lot of new economic activity.” So intoned Hillary Clinton, during the first presidential debate at Hofstra University, New York, on September 26. Continue reading