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Trump’s first big mistake

by D.J. Webb

Theresa May was, for no good reason, granted one of the earliest meetings with President Trump. She apparently used the meeting to peddle her globalist agenda, including the supposed importance of NATO. It seems that Mr Trump is pro-British and has given her a certain latitude; I would have told her to decide within ten seconds if she wanted an alliance and a trade deal to replace Brexit or whether she was going to continue to mouth off on the globalist agenda and thus destroy the relationship with the new administration. Continue reading


A most perverse court ruling

By D. J. Webb

We have discussed constitutional issues regularly on the Libertarian Alliance blog. The issues are well-worn, and as far as I can see such issues rapidly become a dialogue of the deaf, as most of those who have a keen interest have long taken established standpoints. But the ruling of the so-called “Supreme Court” that the government cannot begin the process of withdrawal from the European Union without an Act of Parliament is so consequential that it will brook a number of articles expressing a variety of viewpoints. Continue reading

Happy under Communism?

By D. J. Webb

This is an unusual topic for a libertarian article. Libertarianism is in economic terms diametrically opposed to Communism. I’m not going to argue the Soviet Union was a libertarian paradise. But economic freedom isn’t everything in life. And the wider cultural environment may have something to tell us about the viability of a free society, and indeed the cultural prerequisites for a free society. Continue reading

Back Trump in Syria

By D. J. Webb

The Trump victory represents a considerable opportunity for the UK. The future of our country outside the European Union depends on forging other trading links and a new international relations policy. Just as the Brexit outlook was looking awkwardly bleak, Trump won the US presidential election, making it likely that the path towards a new trade relationship with the US could be relatively smooth. We are no longer at the back of Barack Obama’s queue. Continue reading

The coming change?

By D. J. Webb

We seem to be witnessing the rebirth of nationalism across the Western world, but it is not an uncomplicated nationalism. How could it be now that our societies have all become multicultural? In the days when there were few immigrants about, nationalism could appeal to the vast majority of the population. Now it could only ever appeal to a section (i.e. part of the “White” electorate), and many “liberals” choose (with a heavy dose of malice and virtue-signalling) to interpret nationalism as fascism, as some kind of menacing threat to minorities already here. Continue reading

Reluctantly defending Keith Vaz!

By D. J. Webb

Dear all,

I’ve been busy with work, which from one point of view is a good thing. But reading all this nonsense about Keith Vaz, I have to comment quickly.

I’m not a fan of this physically and politically repellent individual, but it would be wrong to gleefully link his “rent boy” scandal with the unrelated issue of his constant playing of the race and multi-cultural cards in a way that suggests his family were not good candidates for immigration to the UK. Continue reading

A fantasy speech on the doorstep of Number Ten

By D. J. Webb

I, Theresa May, have made clear that, as your prime minister, I will implement the referendum result to withdraw from the European Union. Although I favoured remaining, I recognize that this is a popular demand that has commanded widespread support in the country for decades. The key point is that I believe in democracy, and I believe we can make Brexit work.

I disassociate myself from the previous administration’s Project Fear. Any minister joining my government joins on the understanding that there will be no more talking down of sterling or of investment in Britain. Economic confidence can be undermined by government rhetoric, which becomes self-fulfilling if investment is deterred in response to political noise. Continue reading