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Raid Encryption: This Should Be The New Normal

Thomas Knapp

“When government agents raid Uber’s offices,” Business Insider reports, “the company springs into action with an immediate response: it shuts everything down and encrypts all its computers.” That claim comes from documents filed by former Uber forensic investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg, who’s suing the company for age discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and defamation. Continue reading


Rethinking Churchill

Ralph Raico

Rethinking Churchill

[This essay originally appears in The Costs of War: America’s Pyrrhic Victories, edited with an introduction by John V. Denson.]

Churchill as Icon

When, in a very few years, the pundits start to pontificate on the great question: “Who was the Man of the Century?” there is little doubt that they will reach virtually instant consensus. Inevitably, the answer will be: Winston Churchill. Indeed, Professor Harry Jaffa has already informed us that Churchill was not only the Man of the Twentieth Century, but the Man of Many Centuries.[1] Continue reading

A Reactionary goes to University

From the Traditional Britain Group

Joseph Kassendek discusses the experiences of traditionalist students in today’s liberal universities.

Delete Kings college

By Joseph Kassendek

This article is separated into two parts: the first explores my most positive experience of life as a Right-Libertarian reactionary in the first term of my studies at Royal Holloway; the other delves into useful stratagems, tips and advice on managing a right-wing lifestyle at a left-dominated modern university. Continue reading


Ronald Olden

The common feature of the coalition of voters which came together to support Brexit is that we all want democracy in some form or another. It’s a state of mind. We each have radically different ideas of what ‘democracy’ actually is. Some of us, including other Libertarian Alliance sympathisers, see the other’s definition of ‘democracy’ as ‘fascism and dictatorship’. Others as ‘corporatism or communism’.  Yet others, as poimntless ineffective liberalism. Continue reading


The Culture War in America (1999)

A Speech delivered to the NRA by the late Charlton Heston in February 1999

Thank you very much, both for that warm response to the introduction and the introduction.

You know, very often people with public faces are introduced with the simple phrase, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction.” Believe me, you could always use a good introduction. No, no, no, you laugh, you laugh, but it’s true. I have a story that proves it, true story — didn’t happen to me, happened to a friend of mine: Kirk Douglas. This was when Ben Hur was in release, more or less all over.

And Kirk said he was walking on a street near his home in Beverly Hills one evening after dinner when he was approached very politely by a stranger who said, “Excuse me, sir, I don’t like interfering in the private lives of public people but I cannot let pass this opportunity to tell you what a deeply moving and enormously creative performance you gave in Ben Hur.” And Kirk said, “Well thanks very much but that wasn’t me; that was another fellow.” And the man stood back amazed. He said, “Well if you aren’t Burt Lancaster, who the hell are you?” Continue reading