Chris Tame: From Beyond the Grave – COMING SOON!


Chris R. Tame, founder and first director of the Libertarian Alliance, died on 20th March 2006. This March, to mark the tenth anniversary of his death, we will be releasing three interviews he gave shortly before his death. Continue reading



Reposted from The Traditional Britain Group

The next ordinary meeting of the Traditional Britain Group will take place in central London on Friday, 11th March 2016. Our speaker will be Jacob Williams, founder of the Oxford magazine “No Offence”, a magazine banned by Oxford University Student Union for criticising abortion and defending the record of the British Empire. He is also involved with “Spiked” magazine.

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Sebastian Ortiz reviews PFS 2015

by Sebastian Ortiz

The tenth annual gathering of the Property and Freedom Society took place in September this year.

The uncompromising, intellectual, radical elite of individuals from places as far apart(both culturally and geographically) as Bahrain to Hong Kong, Egypt to Costa Rica came together in one place to discuss the ideas of freedom, mock the politically correct culture of the state’s ruling class and enjoy each other’s company.

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Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays

By Keir Martland

Foreword by Sean Gabb

“[these essays] break out of the dead end that British libertarianism – and much American – has found itself in since about 1980.” – Dr. Sean Gabb (Libertarian Alliance)

“Keir Martland provides a perspective COVERthat synthesizes Rothbardian libertarianism with cultural traditionalism to offer insights that are as penetrating as they are rare.” – Keith Preston (Attack the System)

Libertarianism is in a dead end. All too often, libertarians focus on cuts in the top rate of income tax, deregulation of the banking sector, and welfare reform. These policies are all well and good, but if a real libertarian government comes to power in the United Kingdom, they would not be on the top of the agenda. We have lost touch with reality. We have lost our way.

Libertarians need to re-examine many of their stances and ask whether they are the right thing for 21st century Britain. Much of the time, this is not the case. For example, the policy of open borders is not only unpopular, but is also theoretically flawed as well as at the root of many of Britain’s current social problems.
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New Hoppe Audiobook

A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline

Keir Martland
Hans-Hermann Hoppe addresses the rise of family structures, the development of private property, social evolution prior to the Industrial Revolution, and the rise of the state — all without regard for cherished myths.

A Short History of Man by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

MARCH 16, 2015

Narrated by Millian Quinteros. This audio book is made available through the generosity of Mr. Tyler Folger.