Apologies from Sean

I have written nothing for this Blog in over two months. My reasons for this are:

  1. I have been writing a book that refuses to end;
  2. My professional workload has expanded without warning and without apparent upper limit.

Many apologies for this, and reassurances to all who may be reading that I haven’t died or lost interest in the Good Cause. My book should finish in the next week. Though my workload for the next month looks set to involve fifteen hour days, seven days a week, I do promise to write something very soon.

And thanks to Neil and to Ilana for keeping the flag aloft in my absence.


Ralph Raico R.I.P.

By David Gordon

I am sorry to have to report that Ralph Raico has passed away. His intellectual brilliance was evident from an early age, and while still in high school, he attended Ludwig von Mises’s seminar at New York University. There he met Murray Rothbard, who became his lifelong friend. Ralph was one of the most brilliant members of Rothbard’s Circle Bastiat. He received a PhD from the University of Chicago, working under Friedrich Hayek. Ralph became the leading historian of classical liberalism and also a renowned authority on revisionist historyHis books Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School and Great Wars and Great Leadersshow penetrating analytical skills, immense learning, and devotion to liberty. He lectured at the Mises University and other conferences of the Mises Institute for many years. Continue reading

An Early Christmas Present

Acts of the Apostles, a Parallel Text in Greek and Latin

Here is an early Christmas present (free, gratis, and for nothing) for all my friends who feel inclined to learn Greek or Latin (having already learned either). And here is the paid-for hard copy version, which has an English translation:


Go on, treat yourselves! All else aside, think of those loved ones this Christmas who have everything else they could ever want.

Tony Hollick, Funeral Details

NB: Tony was one of the founders of the LA. I can’t attend in person, but will be sending flowers on behalf of the LA. SIG

From Christine Hartup:

Hello All,

It would be lovely of you if you could get this out please …

Tony Hollick’s funeral will be held at 12.30 for 12.45 on Wednesday 7 December at Beckenham Crematorium, Elmers End Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TD.

There is plenty of parking at the Crem, or nearest train stations are Elmers End or Birkbeck.

There will be a lunch at a nice restaurant afterwards within walking distance.

If you or anyone else would like to come along, please can you email Petrina Haywood … petrinahaywood@btinternet.com … so she has an idea of numbers for Service programmes and lunch.

Many thanks, Chris

A Minor Clarification

I may, from time to time in the present century, have referred to the United States as “The Great Satan America,” and called for it to be smitten by God as He smote the Cities on the Plain.

If I ever did such, the words must be understood as a merely rhetorical flourish, not to be taken seriously. For the avoidance of doubt, my true opinion is that the United States are the last and best hope of humanity. And I look devoutly forward to a world everlastingly at peace under the wise and benevolent sway of President Trump.

Mind you, that’s what I think today. Come his inauguration, I may be back to recalling those regrettable events of 1956….

The American Election: For the Avoidance of Doubt

Sean Gabb

The Libertarian Alliance, being recognised as a charity by the tax authorities, is allowed to take, and takes, no view on any elections, in the United Kingdom or in any other country.

Therefore, if Ilana Mercer or some other person chooses to write in favour of Mr Trump’s campaign to become President of the United States, that must be regarded as a personal opinion. Its publication on this Blog is nothing more than part of our mission to encourage debate, within libertarian assumptions, on matters of public interest. The Libertarian Alliance itself remains absolutely indifferent whether Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton becomes the President in November.

This being said, and now speaking purely for myself, and not as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, if I were an American, I know which way I would vote. And I strongly hope that enough Americans will go out and vote for the only candidate even remotely likely to govern America in the interest of Americans, and to take a measured view on the nature and use of American power in the rest of the world.

I trust I have made myself clear.