No more taxes, no more wars

By the Darn-Poor Rhymer

Neil’s Note: My good friend the Rhymer (who bears much the same relationship to me as Mr. Blake does to Dr. Gabb) has kindly written this little ditty, with which I plan to end my next major essay. As the essay itself is not yet complete, I thought I might release this tidbit in advance for your delectation. It is modelled after the school playground song “No more Latin, no more French.”

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Beware The Values Cudgel

By ilana mercer
To manipulate Americans, politicians Before Trump have used the values cudgel. With respect to immigration, the idea is to impress upon gullible Americans that the world has a global Right of Return to the U.S. Fail to accept egalitarian immigration for all into America; and you are flouting the very essence of Americanism. (Or, to use liberal argumentation, you’re Hitler.) Continue reading


In Praise of Military Dictatorship (Poland)

Janusz Korwin-Mikke MEP

Within two years, Chile became [one of the] richest nations of Latin America; meanwhile under the occupation of ‘saviour’ Allende the Chilean economy was in a state similar to Poland in 1982.

[As above, but in the context of Greece:] It is absolutely necessary to carry out libertarian reforms. Except that there is no way to do so in under a democratic system – no chance! There are more idiots than intelligent people, moreover, the common people believe that if they receive something [from the state] then all is good, meanwhile, they don’t see what is taken away from them and others, they only see what the state puts in their hands. Therefore, there is no way to convince the majority of people to libertarianism. Continue reading

Libertarianism is Only a Theory of Law

Libertarianism Is Only a Theory of Law
By Rik Storey 
21st November 2016

I am tired of both libertarians and their critics misrepresenting my beloved libertarianism by insisting that I am party to some sort of cult which teaches that some unspecified deity has written the non-aggression principle on tablets of stone.  I have lost count of the number of times I have had to parrot the most notable libertarian scholars – libertarianism is just a theory of law, not an entire ethical system, complete with cultural mores, which must be imposed on everyone.  As Lew Rockwell put it, ‘Libertarianism is concerned with the use of violence in society. That is all. It is not anything else. It is not feminism. It is not egalitarianism… It has nothing to say about aesthetics. It has nothing to say about religion or race or nationality or sexual orientation.’ Continue reading

Was Margaret Thatcher a Libertarian Hero?

Published on Oct 11, 2016

Conservatives and many libertarians look back fondly on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom they remember for taking on trade unions and the left, and advocating free-market economic policy. Is this an accurate picture of the former British leader? Sean Gabb joins me for an unconditional look at Margaret Thatcher. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:…