Christmas Greetings from the BBC



Play up, Play up, and Play the Game!

John Lyndon Sullivan

It will take years to undo the Labour Blairite poisoning of: Education, Councils, HoL, Social Services, the legal profession, Police, BBC, national press and goodness only knows what else; but we willingly let it happen, didn’t we?

We swallowed hook line and sinker the false doctrines of “Multi-Cult”, “Diversity Awareness”,”PC”, gender confusion and popular atheism. single-parenthood, gay-adoption and all manner of other things which all soon became strangle holds to keep us silent. Continue reading


Lawyers, Brexit, and the Supreme Court: An Unprofessional Profession (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

Observing the Supreme Court Brexit proceedings confirmed in my mind the minimal skills required to be a ‘lawyer’. The quality of the debate was abysmal and there was little focus on the straightforward actual issue in the case.

There was a definite flavour of what we routinely see in civil court proceedings. There is no proper ‘due process’ whatsoever. There is not and never has been ‘rule of law’ in the UK. We congratulate ourselves on our ‘rule of law’, but that’s just lazy wishful thinking. What we have is rule by judges, which is similar in its fundamental nature to the systems operating in the worst regimes in the world. Continue reading


British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution

British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution
By Sean Gabb
(15th December 2016)

I am no political oracle. I am busy. I have two books to finish. If teaching Greek and Latin is not in itself difficult, making sense of the new A Levels is difficult. Therefore, I have ignored requests to comment on the continuing mess of our leaving the European Union, and the banning of allegedly “right-wing terror organisations,” and the new surveillance laws, and whomever our armed forces may presently be killing somewhere in the world. Instead of detailed critique, I have only this to offer for the rest of 2016. Continue reading


Killing two political birds with one stone: Resolving the UK’s unfinished devolution and the Irish border questions (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

Brexit provides a wonderful opportunity to deal simultaneously with two major political difficulties. These are the unbalanced devolution arrangements in the UK and what is to be done about the

Relationship between the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and the UK after Brexit. Both problems could be solved by the RoI leaving the EU at the same time as the UK and forming a federation with the UK. Continue reading


The Referendum: A Reply to A.C. Grayling

David McDonagh

[The philosopher A.C. Grayling has demanded that Parliament should ignore the result of the Referendum on Membership of the European Union.]

The aim of the EU was to destroy the UK, so pulling out of the EU is dodging UK suicide.

If I favoured the warmongering EU [which I never did but always held it in hatred] I would never say it was good for the UK as that is very clearly false. Its aim is a new nation where the UK is broken up as zones of the new super-state. Continue reading